Polycrystalline IR-fiber cables

Main features:

  • High transmittance in the range 3 – 18 μm
  • Low optical losses 0.2 – 0.3 dB/m at 9 – 13 µm
  • Core/Clad structure with core diameters span from 240 to 860 μm
  • Minimal aging effect
  • Non-hydroscopic and non-toxic

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art photonics offers FlexiRay® Fiber Cables for a broad Mid-Infrared spectral range 3 – 17 μm. Based on Polycrystalline Infra-Red (PIR-) fibers, FlexiRay® fiber cables are used in a wide range of applications including Mid-IR light delivery, spectroscopy, remote temperature sensing, etc. PIR-fiber cables are available with a variety of standard fiber diameters, with different connectors (SMA-905, FC/PC, and FC/APC), and several types of protective sheathing. Manufacturing technologies of art photonics assure precise fiber position inside the connector ferrule and a perfect surface quality of the fiber end. Before shipping, each fiber cable passes through the detailed Quality Control procedure.

Standard product specifications
Optical Fiber TypePolycrystalline Step Index Multimode
Wavelengths range3 – 17 µm
Fiber Core/Cladding Sizes (μm)see parameters of standard Polycrystalline fibers
Effective Numerical Aperture (NA)0.30 +/- 0.05
Minimum bending radius depending on protective sheathingPEEK tubing – 130mm
metal PVC coated tubing – 80mm
stainless steel tubing – 80mm
stainless steel silicone-coated tubing – 130mm
ConnectorsSMA-905, FC-PC or FC-APC with Titanium ferrule
Temperature range-50°C to + 80°C
Length≤ 15m depending on fiber diameter
Parameters of standard Polycrystalline fibers
CodeTypeCore, µmCladding, µmProtective Jacket, µmNAMin. bending Radius, mm
PIR240/300Step Index Multimode240±10300+0/-10no0.35±0.0545
PIR400/500Step Index Multimode400±10500+0/-15no0.35±0.0575
PIR600/700Step Index Multimode600±15700+0/-15no0.35±0.05100
PIR900/1000Step Index Multimode860±201000+0/-20no0.35±0.05150


  • Mid-IR spectroscopy
  • Power delivery for Quantum Cascade Lasers
  • Power delivery for CO- and CO2-Lasers
  • Flexible IR-imaging systems
  • Flexible IR pyrometry


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