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Latest News
9 June 2022
analytica 2022 - World's Leading Trade Fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology

Join us at analytica 2022 - World's Leading Trade Fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and analytica conference. We will demonstrate the variety of artphotonics' high-performance spectroscopy products including the latest fiber optic probes and fiber probe couplers.  Visit our Booth #214 in Hall A2,  at Trade Fair Center Messe München, from June 21-24, 2022 REGISTER NOW

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17 May 2022
The Present and Future of Process Spectroscopy –

making sure your techniques are fit for purpose Dear Friends, Dr. Slava Artyushenko - the President & CEO of art photonics GmbH will provide a presentation on "Advances in spectral analyser technology: Fibre spectroscopy tools for process Analysis" atthe first in a series of awareness sessions that will focus on different aspects of the use of process spectroscopy techniques, on Tuesday 31st, May […]

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Latest Events
4 October 2022
Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg

You´re welcome to visit us at our booth B23 at Photonics Days. Photonics Days 2022 will bring the regional and international photonics community together as well as connecting participants from different sectors and regions, to facilitate cooperation that drives innovation creating value for new Photonics-based value chains together.

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19 September 2022
SCIX 2022

We invite you to our art photonics booth #412 at SciX 2022 conference October 2-7, 2022 in Covington, Kentucky. We´re presenting our new featured optical fibers and optical fiber probes reaching from UV to Mid-IR. SciX, presented by FACSS, is a leading conference for analytical chemists. SciX has a unique blend of technical sessions covering […]

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About Our Company
art photonics GmbH, founded in Berlin in September 1998, is one of the worldwide leaders in development and production of specialty fiber products for a broad spectrum from 300 nm to 16 µm. Unique technologies of Polycrystalline Mid InfraRed (PIR-) fibers and Metal coated Silica fibers are used for assembly of various spectroscopy probes for medical diagnostics and industrial process control, in volume production of fiber for medical and industrial lasers, for different fiber bundles, etc.
UV 200-400 nm
Near IR 750-2500 nm
Mid IR 2.5 - 18 µm

Chalcogenide Mid-IR-Fiber Cables

Main features:

  • High transmittance in 1.1 – 6.5 μm range
  • Low optical losses 0.2 – 0.3 dB/m at 2.5 – 4 μm and 4.5 – 5 μm
  • Core/Clad structure with core diameters span from 8 to 500 μm
  • Temperature range -50°C + 90°C

For more information see data and downloads available below


art photonics offers FlexiRay® Fiber Cables for a Mid-Infrared spectral range 1.1 – 6.5 μm. Based on Chalcogenide Infra-Red (CIR-) fibers, FlexiRay® fiber cables are used in a wide range of applications including power delivery of QCL, spectroscopy, Flexible IR-imaging systems, etc. CIR- fiber cables are available with a variety of standard fiber diameters, SMA-905, FC/PC, FC/APC connectors, and several types of protective tubing. Manufacturing technologies of art photonics assure precise fiber position inside the connector ferrule and a perfect surface quality of the fiber end. Before shipping, each fiber cable passes through detailed Quality Control procedure.

For more information please visit our “Downloads” section and find relative articles at our “Publications” page.


Standard product specifications
Optical Fiber Type Chalcogenide Step Index Multimode
Wavelengths range 1.1 – 6.5 µm
Fiber Core/Cladding Sizes (μm) see parameters of standard Chalcogenide fibers
Effective Numerical Aperture (NA) see parameters of standard Chalcogenide fibers
Minimum bending radius depending on protective sheathing PEEK tubing – 130mm;
metal PVC coated tubing – 80mm;
stainless steel tubing – 80mm;
stainless steel silicone-coated tubing – 130mm
Connectors SMA-905; FC/PC or FC/APC
Temperature range -50°C to + 90°C
Parameters of standard Chalcogenide fibers
Code Type Core, µm Cladding, µm Protective Jacket, µm NA Min. bending Radius, mm
CIR8/300 Step Index Singlemode 8 ± 1 300 ± 15 400 ± 20 0.25 ± 0.02 60
CIR50/250 Step Index Few-mode 50 ± 3 250 ± 10  410 ± 20 0.13 ± 0.02 50
CIR250/300 Step Index Multimode 250 ± 10 300 ± 15  400 ± 30  0.30 ± 0.03 60
CIR340/400  Step Index Multimode 340 ± 10 400 ± 15 510 ± 30 0.30 ± 0.03 80
CIR500/550 Step Index Multimode 500 ± 10 550 ± 15 700 ± 30 0.30 ± 0.03 100




  • Mid-IR spectroscopy
  • Flexible IR-Imaging systems
  • Flexible IR pyrometry
  • Power delivery for Quantum Cascade Lasers


Do you have any questions about this or any other product? Send us an inquiry, and our personnel will answer your question as soon as possible.

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