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art photonics GmbH, founded in Berlin in September 1998, is one of the worldwide leaders in development and production of specialty fiber products for a broad spectrum from 300nm to 16µm. Unique technologies of Polycrystalline Mid InfraRed (PIR-) fibers and Metal coated Silica fibers are used for assembly of various spectroscopy probes for medical diagnostics and industrial process control, in volume production of fiber for medical and industrial lasers, for different fiber bundles, etc.

Latest News

2021 CPAC Virtual Summer Institute’s Conference

art photonics GmbH invites you to attend “2021 CPAC Virtual Summer Institute’s Conference” on 21 – 22 July 2021. This two-day Conference will be focused on the issue of “Process Understanding based on the Use of Sensors and Data Handling”. Day One: Next Generation Processing Approaches to Enable Maximum Efficiency in the Production of Pharmaceutics, […]

MIRACLE Device Solution

MIRACLE is the first mid-infrared attenuated total reflection (MIR-ATR) arthroscopy system for real-time, in-depth, clinical examination and diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases, that can be used in clinical cases where patients are recommended to undergo arthroscopy surgery. MIRACLE device will allow orthopaedics surgeons to obtain real-time information about the biochemical composition of the cartilage tissue, […]

Margin Guide for Tumor Diagnostics

Raman Spectroscopy Diagnostics ex-vivo to detect tumor margins in 3D using the thinnest fiber probe. Raman Needle Probe penetrates in resected tissue ex-vivo to define oral cancer (SCC) margins for 1 cm depth within 1 s – measuring each 100 ms the ratio of water / lipids bands in HW-Raman spectrum (as its growth is SCC […]

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