Hollow Glass Waveguides

Main Features:

  • High transmittance in selected parts of 2 – 18μm range for customized applications
  • No Fresnel reflection at the end faces
  • Inner diameter spans from 500 to 1000μm
  • Double polymer coating for high flexibility

For more information see data and downloads available below.

Hollow Silica glass WaveGuides (HWG) design is a perfect option to transmit a low divergent IR-light of Mid IR-spectrum from 2 to 18μm.  High performance HWG are produced with core diameters span from 500µm to 1000µm with double polymer jacket to secure a superior mechanical strength and high flexibility of HWGs.

Low optical losses at the selected spectral windows without Fresnel reflection enable a broad variety of HWG applications in Mid IR-range.

Specifications for Hollow WaveGuides

Glass capillary SiO2
Fresnel Reflection Losses 0%
Attenuation at designed minimum see table below
Core Diameter (standard) see table below
Effective Numerical Aperture NA 0.05+/-0.01
Bending losses, ø=400mm, full loop 360o 1 dB
Protective Jacket Acrylate + Fluoro polymer
Operating Temperature –50°C to +90°C
Minimum Elastic Bending Radius 150 x [Inner Diameter]

Parameters of standard  Hollow Glass Waveguides

Code Inner diameter


   Outer diameter,



Jacket,  µm

Optical losses at 10.6µm wavelength, dB/m   Min. bending  Radius, mm
HWG 500   500 ± 25      650 ± 20 1000 ± 30 0.7 75
HWG 750   750 ± 30      950 ± 25 1300 ± 50 0.5 100
HWG 1000   1000 ± 30      1300 ± 25 1600 ± 50 0.3 150
  • Laser Power Delivery for CO- & CO2-lasers
  • Flexible cables for Quantum Cascade Lasers and  Spectral Systems
  • Spectral analysis of gas mixtures