High Power Silica Fiber Cables

Main features:

  • Special laser fiber structures
  • Cool high power connectors HP-SMA and D80
  • Flexible and robust for high power & bright laser beams
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FlexiRay® Fiber Optic Laser cables are the best for laser power delivery with high brightness and beam quality. Robust design of FlexiRay® laser cables secures long term use for industrial and medical applications.

Our specialty is to provide high temperature assemblies (up to 600°C) for high power and/or vacuum applications by using FlexiRay® Metal-Coated Silica Fibers. Bundles of metal-coated   fibers are able to combine power from many laser modules to reach output in multi kW power range.

Manufacturing technologies of art photonics assure precise fiber position inside the connector ferrule and a perfect surface quality of the fiber end. Our quality control procedures and special equipment such as digital fiber microscope, infrared vision camera, power meter, beam profiler and 100W diode laser are used to test each cable before shipment to the customer.

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Standard Specifications
Spectral ranges0.18–1.2μm (UV-VIS) or 0.35–2.4μm (VIS-NIR)
Pure Silica Fiber core diameter100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500µm
Numerical Aperture0.22 ± 0.02 (Full Acceptance Angle 25°)
0.12 ± 0.02 (Full Acceptance Angle 14°)
Protective fiber jacketNylon, Tefzel, Acrylate, Al, Cu
Cable protective tubePVC coated Stainless Steel monocoil, bend protected Silicon coated Stainless Steel bend protection
Connector TypeHP-SMA (High Power SMA); D-80
Temperature Range-40°C to +600°C (Cu coated)
Cable length1.5 & 3m ( optional: from 5cm to 50m)
MCS-Fibers in bundle3, 7, 19, 37, 64
*customized dimensions available on request
Max Laser Beam Power, W530150300900
Connector Type*SMA 905SMA 905 free fiber endSMA 905 free fiber endSMA, free fiber end, epoxy free, long coupling nutD80 free fiber end, epoxy free, metal radiator
Ferrule MaterialARCAPARCAPARCAP; Copper-AlloyARCAP; Copper-AlloyCopper-Alloy
Fiber Centricity, μm<6<6<6<10<10
Fiber Core MaterialPure fused silica: High OH¯ ( λ= 0.25 – 1.2 μm); Low OH¯ ( λ= 0.4 – 2.3 μm)
Core Diameter*, μm200, 400, 600, 800 (optional: other diameter and core shape)
Fiber Cladding MaterialFluorine doped fused silica
Numerical Aperture*0.22 ± 0.02 (Full Acceptance Angle 25°), (optional: NA= 0.12 ± 0.02)
Fiber Cable Length*, m1.5, 3.0, 5.0 (optional: from 5cm to 200m)
Protective Tubing*SimplexPolymer coated metal protection tube (optional PEEK)
Protective tubing OD*, mm3.0 or 3.25.3; 6.45.3;
* Others available on request.
  • Laser Welding of Metals & Plastics
  • Laser Cutting & Drilling
  • Rapid Surface Processing
  • Medical Laser Power Delivery
  • Laser Target & Rangefinder
  • Laser Spectroscopy