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Latest News
31 March 2024
Discover our new product: Transmission Fiber Optic Probe

In the dynamic field of Lab & Industrial Spectroscopic Applications, precision and reliability are foundational. art photonics GmbH is excited to announce the launch of our Transmission Probe, the next step in the technology of remote spectroscopic measurements in liquids. This isn't just progress—it's a crucial step forward in ensuring accuracy and reliability in your […]

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27 March 2024
Raman Probe - Updated Optical Design!

art photonics is excited to announce the latest update to our FlexiSpec product line: the upgraded Raman Fiber Optic Probe with an advanced optical design. Designed for unmatched versatility and precision, the updated Raman probe marks a significant advancement in spectral analysis capabilities. Available in both multi-wavelength (630-785 nm) or single-wavelength (532 and 785 nm) […]

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Latest Events
14 March 2024
APACT 2024 | 23-25 April 2024, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

We are excited to share that our CEO, Viacheslav Artyushenko, will be attending and presenting at APACT 2024, a key event for leaders in process monitoring, data analysis, process modeling, and control. As proud sponsors of this conference, art photonics is at the forefront of advancing Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and fostering significant progress across […]

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13 March 2024
Analytica 2024 | 09–12 April, 2024, Munich, Germany

Join art photonics at Analytica 2024! We are happy to announce our participation in Analytica 2024, taking place from April 09 to 12, 2024, in Munich, Germany! We are more than eager to present our pioneering fiber optic solutions that define precision in remote spectroscopic measurements and are at the forefront of combining analytical methods, […]

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About Our Company
art photonics GmbH, founded in Berlin in September 1998, is one of the worldwide leaders in development and production of specialty fiber products for a broad spectrum from 300 nm to 16 µm. Unique technologies of Polycrystalline Mid InfraRed (PIR-) fibers and Metal coated Silica fibers are used for assembly of various spectroscopy probes for medical diagnostics and industrial process control, in volume production of fiber for medical and industrial lasers, for different fiber bundles, etc. Since January 2024 art photonics GmbH is a member of NYNOMIC GROUP.
UV 200-400 nm
Near IR 750-2500 nm
Mid IR 2.5 - 18 µm

Couplers for FTIR Spectrometers

Fiber Probe Couplers are designed to connect Fiber Optic Probes with FTIR spectrometers and to perform the remote analysis and reaction monitoring. Mirror design of FlexiSpec® Fiber Probe Couplers provides high coupling efficiency for any probe used for process-spectroscopy in broad spectral range 0.2-18µm.

Main features:

  • Efficient coupling of fiber probe to FTIR-spectrometer
  • Mirror optics for  a broad spectral range
  • In/Out ports compatible with SMA-terminated fiber probes
  • Adjustable mirrors to maximize coupling efficiency
  • Easy to install in sample chamber


The line of Fiber Couplers is developed by art photonics GmbH to attach any fiber cable or fiber probe terminated with SMA905 connectors to the FTIR spectrometer. Coupling of FlexiSpec® probes with FT-spectrometers provides process spectroscopy and reaction monitoring in-line without sampling. Coupler can be adjusted to any FTIR spectrometer using customized baseplates:

  • FPC-6M is the latest generation Fiber Probe and Cables Coupler for big FTIR-spectrometers based on 6 mirror design providing the highest coupling efficiency with various fiber probes. It can be installed in sample chamber of various FTIR spectrometers from Thermo Fisher: iS10, iS50, Nexus 670 and Nicolet 6700. FPC-6M Fiber Probe Coupler can be customised to match iBox, Bruker Tensor 27, Bruker IFS66, Bruker Equinox55 and some other industrial or lab FTIR-spectrometers.
  • FPC-2M Fiber Probe and Cables Coupler fits to Nicolet™ Summit FTIR , Nicolet™ iS™ 5 and Nicolet™ iS™ 5N FT-NIR Spektrometers (Thermo Scientific™) in sample chamber-
  • Universal Fiber Probe and Cables Coupler can be customised to match Bruker's VERTEX 70v serie, JASCO FP-8600, Schimadzu IRSpirit.
  • Fiber Probe and Cables Coupler for Agilent Cary 630
  • Fiber Probe and Cables Coupler for PerkinElmer Spectrum Two™

Various FlexiSpec® probes can be used for remote media analysis in-citu & in real time – for reaction monitoring and process control – instead of time consuming samples collection & preparation. Mirror design of FlexiSpec® Fiber Probe Couplers provides high coupling efficiency for any probe used for process-spectroscopy in broad spectral range 0.2-18µm.

For more information please visit our “Downloads” section and find relative articles at our “Publications” page.


Couplers compatibility
Fiber Probe Coupler model Picture Number of mirrors Compartible FTIR-spectrometer model
FPC-2M 2 Nicolet™ Summit FTIR,

Nicolet™ iS™ 5 FT-IR,

Nicolet™ iS™ 5N FT-NIR (ThermoFisher Scientific™)
FPC-6M 6 Nicolet™ iS™ 10 FT-IR

Nicolet™ iS™ 20 FT-IR

Nicolet™ iS™ 50 FT- IR

Nicolet 5700/6700

Nexus 670 (ThermoFisher Scientific™)

Avatar 360 (ThermoFisher Scientific™)

*Equinox 55 ( Bruker™)

*Vector 22 ( Bruker™)

*IFS 25, 55, 66, 66V, 88 ( Bruker™)

* - customized baseplate
Universal Fiber Probe Coupler 6 VERTEX 70v and 80/80v series ( Bruker™)

Tensor 27, 37 ( Bruker™)

FP-8600 ( JASCO™)

IRSpirit (Schimadzu™)

customized baseplate for any model
Fiber Probe Coupler for Cary 630 2 Cary 630 ( Agilent™)
Fiber Probe Coupler for Spectrum Two 2 Spectrum Two ( PerkinElmer™)



  • Upgrading FTIR instruments with fiber optic probe for remote reaction monitoring
  • Process-control with robust fiber probe terminated by SMA or other connectors.


Do you have any questions about this or any other product? Send us an inquiry, and our personnel will answer your question as soon as possible.

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