NIRaman Fiber Probe

Main features:

  • Multichannel fiber optic probes
  • NIR and Raman channels can work simultaneously providing hybrid modelling opportunities
  • On-line Raman and NIR spectroscopy
  • Flexible and robust for industrial applications in harsh environment
  • Compatible with all Raman and NIR spectrometers

FlexiSpec® product line includes innovating NIRaman Combi probes.

Raman and NIR spectra contain qualitative and quantitative information on the chemical composition and physical properties of the substance. Both are able to provide critical product and process information during production.

Multichannel fiber optic probes (patent pending), have been developed by art photonics in cooperation with “Measure Analyze Control”. The first commercial version was designed for in situ NIR diffuse reflectance and Raman measurements of solids, powders, or liquids. The unique feature of the probe is that NIR and Raman channels can work simultaneously providing hybrid modelling opportunities that yield novel insights in the field of spectroscopy. The probe shaft is electrically heated to prevent moisture condensation on optical windows.

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Specification for NIRaman probe system

(Other technology combinations on request)

Probe Shaft


Material: Stainless Steel 1.4435 (316L)

Outer Diameter: 19,0+0/-0,1mm

Length: 170mm

Window: Sapphire or Cubic Zirconia, heated

Glue: Epotek 353ND or similar

Separate NIR and Raman channels


Raman Channel


NIR Channel


Fibers: low OH silica fibers with metal coating to suppress laser induced fluorescence. Fibers: low OH silica fibers
Laser Wavelength: 785nm Stray Light: less than 1%
Connector 1: FC (launch fiber – 105μm core) Illumination bundle: 32x NIR400/440 NA=0.22 Detection fiber: 1x NIR400/440 NA=0.22
Connector 2: MTP-Male with 48 x 105μm fibers Connector 1: SMA905                                                           
Other connectors on request.  Other connectors on request
Capable to pass USP requirements (tested on Kaiser RXAndor

DVA420A-OE and RXn4 Raman-Spectrometer).

Connector 2: 5mm ferrule
Fiber Length: 3+/-0,1m Capable to Capable to pass USP requirements

(tested on Sentronic Sentropat system) USP requirements

  • Reaction monitoring in real time
  • Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)
  • Analytical Characterization
  • Biopharmaceutical Analysis