Mid InfraRed Chalcogenide and Polycrystalline Fiber Optic Bundles

Main features:

  • Multispectral Fiber Bundles in the broad spectral range: from 0.2 to 18µm
  • Fiber bundles contain up to thousands of optical fibers
  • Custom fiber arrangement
  • High and Low temperature special design
  • Standard or custom connectors and ferrules
  • Splitting light from light source into several channels
  • Combining light from several sources
  • Reshaping of light beam cross section

art photonics GmbH development of specialty fibers for the Mid-IR range has resulted in a unique product – Chalcogenide InfraRed (CIR-) fibers. Chalcogenide glasses (As₂ S₃) transmit IR-radiation in the spectral range of 1.1 – 6μm. Our CIR fibers are drawn in core/clad structure with double polymer coating and characterized by low total optical losses and low absorption peaks over mentioned spectral range.
High flexibility & high transmission of our Mid-IR fibers allowed producing commercial fiber bundles & convertors for Mid-IR applications for spectral range from 1.5µm up to 18 µm.

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Common Parameters of Fiber Optic Bundles and Converters
Spectral range, µm 1.5 – 6 µm

(Chalcogenide fibers)

6 – 18µm

(Polycrystalline fibers)

Fiber core dia., µm 200, 300, 400,500
Total Length, m Up to 10
Protective Tubing Metal, PVC coated

Flexible Hard Plastic Polymer PEEK

Numerical Aperture from 0.3
Temperature Range -200°C +100°C
Optical Connectors SMA; Long SMA; FC/PC; ST
·Medical diagnostic
·Optical sensors
·Laser delivery
·Analytical instruments
·Chemical analysis