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art photonics GmbH, founded in Berlin in September 1998, is one of the worldwide leaders in development and production of specialty fiber products for a broad spectrum from 300 nm to 16 µm. Unique technologies of Polycrystalline Mid InfraRed (PIR-) fibers and Metal coated Silica fibers are used for assembly of various spectroscopy probes for medical diagnostics and industrial process control, in volume production of fiber for medical and industrial lasers, for different fiber bundles, etc.

Reference Cables

Reference cables are intended to check your spectrometer and set measurement parameters.

Silica, Chalcogenide and Polycrystalline fiber reference cables are available.




Reference Cable Specs

Reference Cable Specifications
Fiber Standard PIR AgCl:AgBr polycrystalline fiber CIR As-S glass fiber NIR silica/silica
Core 410±15µm 250±10μm 200µm
Cladding 500+0/-15µm 300+10/-20μm double polymer coating 400±30μm 220µm
NA 0.30±0.03 0.30±0.03 0,22±0,02
Length 0,5±0,05m 0,5±0,05m 0.5±0,05m
Termination 1 SMA 905 connector, titanium ferrule SMA connector SMA 905 connector
Termination 2 SMA 905 connector, titanium ferrule SMA connector SMA 905 connector
Protective Tubing metal, PVC coated metal, PVC coated metal, PVC coated
OD 3.7mm 3.7mm 3.7mm
Marking Blue shrinktubing Red shrinktubing Yellow shrinktubing
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