Standard Raman Probes

Main features:

  • The thinnest Raman Fiber Probe with shaft diameter 1.5 or 3mm
  • Spherical lens sealed at a sensing tip of the probe
  • Patented technology of multilayer optical filters on a fiber end faces for laser excitation and signal collection in a broad wavelength range
  • Metal coated fibers used to block cross-talk and suppress fluorescence from polymer jacket
  • Compact immersible probe for in-situ real-time contact analysis of liquids, tissues and powders
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Miniature probe tip of 3mm and 1.5mm diameter and flexible fiber allows using of the Raman probe in endoscopes and other tubes and channels.

Such miniaturization is possible due to the innovated technology of direct deposition of the dielectric filters at the fiber end faces of the fiber-optic probe head without compromising its performance.

  • Optical filters deposited on fiber ends by patented process
  • Metal coated fibers used to block cross-talk and suppress fluorescence from polymer jacket
  • Multilayer filters design for laser excitation in a broad range of wavelength 690-785nm
  • Spherical lens sealed at sensing tip of the shaft

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Common Parameters of Raman Fiber Optic Probes
Laser Wavelength650 – 785 nm, 1000 – 1064 nm
Fibers1 + 9 (one excitation & 9 collection fibers; core: 100 or 200 µm)
Long-pass filter transmission range@785 nm: 820 – 1100nm (> 90%);
@1064 nm: 1100 – 1800nm(> 90%)
Long-pass filter blocking range@785 nm: 650 – 800nm(OD > 6);
@1064 nm: 1000 – 1080nm(OD > 6)
Short-pass filter transmission range@785 nm: 650 – 790nm (> 90%);
@1064 nm: 1000 – 1070nm (> 90%)
Short-pass filter blocking range@785 nm: 800 – 950nm (OD > 6);
@1064 nm: 1080 – 1500nm    (OD > 6)
LensFused Silica, Sapphire or NBK-7 glass (1 or 2mm dia.)
Total Length1.5m (other length on special request)
Shaft (needle) Length50 – 150mm (other length on special request)
Shaft (needle) Diameter1.5 or 3mm
Length of Legs0.3 – 1m
Minimal Bending Radius130 mm
Input / Output ConnectorsExcitation – FC/PC;  Detection – SMA905
ShaftStainless Steel
Protective tubingSilicon coated Stainless Steel Conduit
Temperature range-40 to 150°C
Pressure limits0–7 Bar (100 PSI)
  • Biomedical
  • Material Analysis
  • Food and Drink
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • Research and Development