Needle Raman Probes

Main features:

  • single  fiber to deliver laser excitation and to collect the scattered signal
  • Unique metal-coated fibers  ensure almost no laser-induced fluorescence  within the fiber material itself
  • partial or complete sterilization or single use – disposable solutions

FlexiSpec® product line includes the high sensitivity Raman fiber optic probe to be used with any Raman spectrometer.  Raman Needle fiber-optic probe use only one fiber to deliver laser excitation and collect the scattered signal. It enables a complete match of the illuminated and detected areas. This provides the best efficiency for the innovative probe design.
Aluminium coated fibers (50µm core) are the basis of this product ensure almost no laser-induced fluorescence (noise background signal) within the fiber material itself.
A distal end of the probe consists of the thin and rigid needle with customized tip shape ( The bevel angle is 38 o ) to enable the best optical and physical characteristics for desired applications. The needle type is 30G. Design of the components allows partial or complete sterilization or single use – disposable solutions.

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Common Parameters of Needle Raman Probes
Raman Shift Range

>2000cm-1 (<6000cm-1 with background signal from fused silica)

No filtering at the distal end

Single Fiber for Excitation & Collection

NIR105/125 or NIR200/220 Aluminum coated

NA = 0.22±0.02

Needle Size OD 0.3mm for 105µm fiber and OD 0.5mm for 200µm fiber and 12±2mm length
Needle Shape Flat, Angled
Handle OD 2-10mm, length 30-100mm
Connector FC/PC, SMA
Optional 2m long flexible fiber-optic cable from handle to the connector
  • Medical Research and Analysis
  • In Vivo Tissue measurements
  • Analytical Characterization
  • Biopharmaceutical Analysis