Services We Offer

Main features:

  • R & D of customized Fiber Optic Systems in a broad spectral range from 0.3 to 16µm, including their trial applications
  • R & D of customized fiber delivery systems for Diode, Solid State, CO- and CO₂-lasers used in medical and industrial applications, including fiber bundle combiners
  • Development & production of customized Mid-IR fiber cables, probes and bundles for scientific, medical, industrial and space applications for 2-16µm range
  • R & D of customized spectroscopic fiber probes for all key spectroscopy methods: ATR-absorption, UV-Vis-NIR Transmission & Diffuse Reflection, Raman and Fluorescence, including customized combi-probes for multi-spectral applications and probe couplers to match various spectrometers
  • Spectroscopy analysis of customer samples in our spectral lab or at customer site
  • Spectroscopy fiber probes/ couplers installation and calibration at the customers, site including their joint trials
  • Repair of fiber optic products
  • Rental and leasing of standard spectroscopy fiber probes and probe couplers
  • Training on professional use of our fiber products in our company or at customer site
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Consulting & training

  • art photonics GmbH is keen to share with partners and customers its over 30 year experience of the specialty fiber technologies and applications and provide high quality optical fiber products since its foundation in 1998 in Berlin.  art photonics GmbH is your prime partner to enable advanced fiber solutions for your application, starting from our consulting on its design up to high volume production of OEM fiber products and optical fiber systems.
  • art photonics scientists are highly qualified and internationally recognized experts in their fields. They have extensive R&D experience in fiber optic technologies and various fiber applications in industry, space, science and medical diagnostics/ laser medicine, – resulted from the intensive collaboration with industrial and academic partners. art photonics GmbH is often granted in EU and German R&D programs for the variety of projects, and runs up to 2-4 projects each year.

Our Equipment

  • art photonics GmbH has one of the world’s most extensive FTIR spectroscopy facilities, including a large number of instruments from Mettler Toledo, Thermo Fisher, Bruker, ABB and others.
  • Our spectroscopy lab is also equipped with a number of NIR, UV-VIS and Fluorescence spectrometers.
  • Some of our spectroscopy fiber probes have been specially designed and adapted for the investigations in biomedicine and biotechnology.
  • Our Laser laboratory is well equipped to perform development and measurements of optical fiber cables for flexible delivery systems of UV, NIR and mid-IR lasers. Those are CO and CO₂- lasers from Coherent, CO₂ medical laser from MedArt, several diode lasers from LIMO, unique cameras for visible and mid-infrared spectra from FLIR Systems.
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