Flexible Fiber Power Delivery for CO₂ laser

Main features:

  • The most flexible cables for CO₂-laser power delivery
  • Stable transmission under the bending
  • SMART-technology to suppress Fresnel reflection losses
  • Transmitted power up to 40 W

* see downloads to check effective NA & transmission vs cable

art photonics offers High Power Fiber Cables for flexible delivery of  CO₂-laser radiation. Polycrystalline InfraRed (PIR-) Fiber Cables provide stable power transmittance under the bending  that is an important advantage as compared to hollow waveguides. Special SMART treatment of PIR-fiber ends suppresses Fresnel reflection to increase output power by 10-12%.

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Standard product specifications
Optical Fiber Type Polycrystalline Step Index Multimode
Wavelengths range optimised for 9.2µm and 10.6µm
Fiber Core/Cladding Sizes (μm) see table below
Effective Numerical Aperture (NA) 0.10 – 0.20 depending of the cable length
Minimum bending radius depending on protective sheathing PEEK tubing – 130mm
metal PVC coated tubing – 80mm
stainless steel tubing – 80mm
stainless steel silicone coated tubing – 130mm
Connectors SMA-905 with Titanium ferrule and free standing fiber end
Temperature range -50°C to + 80°C
Length ≤ 5m
Code Type core diameter, µm cladding diameter, µm coating CO2 laser power threshold, W Minimum Elastic Bending Radius, mm
PIR 400/500 Step Index Multimode 400±10 400+0/-15 no 10 70
PIR 600/700 Step Index Multimode 600±15 700+0/-15 no 20 100
PIR 900/1000 Step Index Multimode 860±20 1000+0/-20 no 35 130
  • Medical CO2 lasers
  • Laser cut and laser treatment