Fiber to LN Cooled MCT Detector Couplers

Main Features:

  • Efficient coupling of fiber cable to MCT/ InSb detector installed inside LN-cooled Dewar with side window
  • Mirror optics enable work in broad spectral range
  • Pre-aligned and adjustable to maximize coupling efficiency
  • SMA or FC/PC (on request) adaptor for infrared fiber optical cable.
  • Compatible with Chalcogenide and Polycrystalline IR-Fiber Cables

Fiber optic coupling units are intended for the coupling of IR-fiber optical cables with SMA or FC/PC termination to MCT/ InSb detector installed inside LN-cooled Dewar with side window. The simplest lens coupler is a standard or customized construction fixed on the side window of LN-cooled Dewar.

Advanced version of the coupler is based on pre-aligned parabolic mirrors to eliminate chromatic aberrations and includes purging option to avoid atmospheric disturbance in spectral details of the object. Both simple- and advanced couplers are adjustable in 3 dimensions: X-Y for the mirror and Z – translation of the Dewar. See our Chalcogenide Fiber cables and Polycrystalline Fiber cables for different spectral range detectors and radiation sources.

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Coupler Type Lens Coupler Mirror Coupler
Optical Elements ZnSe lens with 3-5 or 8-12μm AR-coating Two parabolic mirrors
Dimensions Diameter: 70 mm
Length: 61 mm
space for Dewar and
pre-amplifier included
Alignment options Angular translation stage ±2.5°
in both orthogonal axes;
Z-alignment ± 5mm
X-Y alignment of the mirror
inside the coupler,
Z-alignment – translation
of the Dewar.
Other options Purging is possible
  • Process control
  • Remote temperature sensing
  • Remote imaging