Fiber Probe Coupler UNIVERSAL

Main features:

  • Compatible with sample chamber of any FTIR
  • Efficient coupling of fiber probe to FTIR-spectrometer
  • Mirror optics to enable work in broad spectral range
  • In/Out ports compatible with SMA-terminated fiber probes
  •  Adjustable to maximize coupling efficiency

FlexiSpec® Universal Fiber Coupler  is a product of art photonics GmbH.

It is intended to attach any fiber cable or fiber probe terminated with SMA905 connectors to the FTIR spectrometer. Coupler can be adjusted to any FTIR spectrometer using customized baseplates. Coupling of FlexiSpec® probes with FT-spectrometers eliminates the need to prepare samples and place them into the sample chamber, and makes remote analysis possible for molecular reaction monitoring in-line.

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  • Upgrading Lab FTIR to replace sampling for remote reaction monitoring in-line.
  • Process- control with robust fiber probe terminated by SMA or other connectors.
  • Upgradable for various FTIR-models and adjustable for high coupling efficiency.
  • Easy to install in sample chamber – as any other accessories.