Cu-alloy Coated Silica Fibers

Main features:

  • Range of working temperatures up to 600°C
  • Thin metal coating and NA optimized for coupling to high energy lasers
  • Capable to be soldered into ferrules without glue
  • Fiber cooling due to the heat-conducting metal coating
  • Excellent mechanical strength and flexibility
  • X-Ray resistant
  • Sterilized using ETO, steam, e-beam or gamma radiation
  • Capable to be used under high vacuum conditions without outgassing
  • Possibility of soldering, embedded fibers, bundles, pigtails, inlets to high vacuum
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art photonics’ Copper Coated Silica Fibers (Brand Name FlexiRay® MCS-Cu) are the optimal solution when used in high temperature, vacuum and harsh environmental conditions.

Hermetically sealed fibers have all the benefits of silica-silica fibers. Additional significant improvements include increased mechanical strength and greater fatigue resistance compared to non-hermetic polymer-clad fibers.
The transmission covers a spectral range of 200 to 2400 nm depending upon a UV or NIR silica fiber core choice.

MCS-A also remains stable in corrosive chemicals that normally react to silica glass. The temperature range is from -270°C to 400°C with a humidity range of up to 100%.

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Specification of Cu-alloy coated Fibers
Core/ Cladding material Step IndexPure Fused Silica Core / Fluorine Doped Silica Cladding
Graded IndexGermanium Doped Fused Silica Core / Pure Fused Silica
Standard fiber core diameters, μm9; 50; 62.5; 200; 400; 600; 1000
Cu-alloy coating thickness, μm15 – 50
Standard Numerical Aperture (NA)0.22 ± 0.02
Available Numerical Aperture (NA)0.12 ± 0.02
0.26 ± 0.02
Min operating temperature, °C-270
Max operating temperature, °C+600
Humidity RangeUp to 100%
Minimal bending radius (long term)200 x fiber outer diameter
Minimal bending radius (short term)100 x fiber outer diameter
 Tensile strength (short gauge), GPa3.5 – 6
 Two point bending strength, GPa>10
Static fatigue parameter>100
  • High temperature environments
  • Harsh Chemical environments
  • Nuclear radiation resistant devices
  • Down-hole sensing for oil and gas industry
  • High Power Laser delivery
  • Medical applications
  • Soldered fiber bundles