Collimating and Refocusing Objectives for MID-IR Fiber Cables

Main features:

  • Compatible with SMA-terminated fiber cables
  • NA=0.35, Pupil diameter 15 mm
  • Refocusing or collimating design

Zinc Selenide Infrared (IR) Refocusing and Collimating Objectives are designed by art photonics to provide maximum coupling efficiency into chalcogenide and polycrystalline optical fibers and fiber bundles.

All lenses are available with anti-reflection (AR) coating options in 3-5µm or 8-12μm spectral ranges, and are ideal for various applications in thermal sensing, IR-imaging etc.

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Objective Type Collimating Refocusing
Optic elements Plano-convex ZnSe lens, 3-5 or 8-12 μm AR-coating F=20 mm Double-convex ZnSe lens, 3-5 or 8-12 μm AR-coating 2F=20 mm
Dimensions Diameter 8 mm, Length 25 mm Diameter 28 mm, Length 25 mm
Alignment options Z-alignment ± 5 mm Z-alignment ± 5 mm
Other options FC/PC fiber adapter on request FC/PC fiber adapter on request
  • Focusing of collimating beam into the fiber
  • Collimation of output beam from fiber
  • Fiber end imagination to detector / emitter element
  • For Polycrystalline fiber cables (4-18 μm) and Chalcogenide fiber cables (1-6 μm)