Chalcogenide IR-Fibers

Main features:

  • Fiber type – Step Index Multimode
  • Standard fiber diameters from 0.3 to 0.55 mm
  • Standard fiber transmittance in 1.1 – 6.5 µm spectral range
  • Typical optical losses 0.2 dB/m at 3 – 4 µm
  • Double polymer coating for high flexibility
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art photonics fiber product – Core / Clad Chalcogenide Infra-Red (CIR-) fibers transparent over a broad spectral range 1 -6.5 μm cover a spectral gap between silica and polycrystalline fibers.
CIR fiber is used for a wide range of products for spectroscopy and process monitoring tasks, IR radiation delivery to and out of closed volumes, thermosensing, laser power flexible delivery systems, IR-imaging, etc. Fibers are available in standard cable assemblies with 3 connector options, 3 sheathing options, and a line of customized fiber assemblies designed according customer’s request.

For more information please visit our “Downloads” section and find relative articles at our “Publications” page.

Please contact us for non-standard fiber needs: single-mode and small core fibers are available as well as special glass compositions for broader spectral range.

Common Parameters
Material CompositionAs2S3
Spectral Range1.1 – 6.5 μm
Core Refractive Index2.4
Fresnel Reflection Losses31%
Attenuation at at 3 – 4 µm0.2-0.4 dB/m
Effective Numerical Aperture NA0.30+/-0.05
Melting Pointnear 400°C
Operating Temperature-200 to +90°C
Core/Clad Diameter (standard)see table below
Protective JacketFluoro polymer + PVC
Tensile Strength> 700 MPa
Minimum Bending Radius (fixed)100[Fiber Diameter]
Minimum Elastic Bending Radius200[Fiber Diameter]
Chalcogenide Fiber Specification
CodeCIR 250/300CIR 340/400CIR 500/550CIR 8/300CIR 50/250
TypeStep Index MultimodeStep Index MultimodeStep Index MultimodeStep Index SinglemodeStep Index few modes
Core Diameter, µm250±10340±10500±158±150±3
Cladding Diameter, µm300±15400±15550±20300±15250±10
Polyvinylchloride Protective Jacket Diameter, µm400±20500±20670±20400±20350±20
Minimum Bending Radius (fixed), mm3040503025
Minimum Elastic Bending Radius, mm60801006050
⃰ other diameters are available on request
  • Spectroscopy Fiber Probes for Mid-IR spectra
  • Remote non-contact pyrometry in the 200-600K range
  • Flexible Radiometry
  • Flexible IR-imaging Systems
  • Power delivery for QC – Lasers