Laser Technology

Fiber optics is a key technology for the photonics industry, providing a flexible mechanism for delivering the output from lasers and solid-state sources in industrial manufacturing, military, environmental sensing, and space applications.

art photonics provide a variety of fiber optic cables & bundles that cover a unique broad spectral range of user selectable diameters and numerical apertures.

  • Our silica fiber cables assembled with High Power SMA and FD-80 connectors are available from UV to NIR spectral range (180-2100nm), and are able to transmit up to 1000W laser power for Laser Cutting & Welding, Drilling, & Marking.

In the Mid- infrared, our silver halide polycrystalline infrared (PIR) and chalcogenide infrared (CIR) fibers have optical transmission to match the output from black body sources, LEDs, gas lasers and solid state infrared lasers including Quantum Cascade, Disk, VCSEL and VECSEL types. This Mid-IR fiber cables and bundles widely used Laser medicine and medical sensors, IR- pyrometry and spectroscopy.

In addition to the range of a standard products, our fiber optic cables can be customized to meet the needs of the research & development environment where tapered fibers, novel coupling and mixed bundles are required.