Food Industry

The sustainability of the global food supply will require chemical science and engineering to provide innovative ways to match increasing demands for food with limited natural resources.

The main goal of the quality control in food industry is to provide accurate and fool information about the quality and safety of the food in real time during industrial preparation process. Spectroscopic methods including Mid Infrared absorption, Raman, reflectance and fluorescence are attractive alternatives for traditional analytical methods due to little sample preparation, rapid analysis, minimizing of the use of hazardous solvents. Due to possibilities to work in hazard environment or in sterile conditions, fiber optics solutions have enormous market potential, from oils and meet to fruits and sweets in the food industry.

Fiber solution allows controlling the quality of milk products by monitoring of balance between fats and sugars by Mid Infrared absorption, NIR reflection and fluorescence methods.

Industrial monitoring of moisture is extremely important for such powders as starch, milk powder, flour etch. The small, low-cost sensors for real time measurements are perfect industrial solution. Innovative Spectral Fiber Moisture Sensor (MoiSens) developed in art photonics is based on rapid scan of specific LED wavelengths used to illuminate media with fiber probe and to collect diffused reflection or transmission signal with it. Each LED-sensor is made with own IP-address – to enable data collection in iCloud and to run selected process optimization in real time.