Chemical & Petrochemical

The chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical industries produces products and provides services that touch all of our lives.
However, worldwide competition is increasing and companies are seeking new technologies that will increase the effectiveness of their innovation and reduce the time to market of new products.

In the chemicals sector, metrology challenges are met using analytical measurements such as spectroscopy to provide chemical, biological and physical information alongside Multivariant Statistical Process Control (MSPC) or better termed Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring (MSPM) and advanced, mode based, process control (APC) and optimization.

In biotechnology, biological processes are very complex and often poorly understood. In general, the knowledge of the underlying fermentation phenomena is incomplete and it is therefore impossible to optimize fermentation processes based on theoretical assumptions. Experiments have to be performed which are both expensive and time consuming. To provide an understanding for process scale-up, it is necessary to design the biotechnological experiments carefully, and often extensively, with respect to the product and process scale-up and eventual manufacture. Miniaturised in-situ fiber optic immersion probes can provide real time mid infrared (MIR) data that can greatly increase the accuracy of chemical determination and reduce the costs for performing at line or even remote measurement.

art photonics provide a range of ATR immersion probes for environmental & clean-tech, chemicals and food & drink applications.

Reliable in-situ spectral measurements of fundamental molecular vibrations in the ‘fingerprint region (550 to 3300 cm-1) are now a reality for liquid chemical processes. In all, three spectral ranges are available:

Range Wavenumber Wavelength
Mid Infrared 550 – 3300cm-1 3-18µm
Near Infrared 1650 – 6650cm-1 1.5-6.0µm
UV/VIS/NIR 4700 – 55550cm-1 180nm-2100nm